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Get to know our children's stories.

The Children and their stories

Eunice Wangeci was kicked out along with her mother who had just given birth to a baby. A few hours after giving birth she was out in the cold seeking refuge for her and her two children. She landed in Jammi where she was taken in and taken to school. Her joy is complete . Eunice Wangeci
John is 8yrs old. His family is very poor and needy. His single mother was chased away from her family due to what they termed as mental disorders. The boy is living happily with other children at Jammi family . John
Ian Wachira is 9yrs old and in class 4, He is survived of a single mother who is very responsible but due to poverty level we decided to rescue this boy from child labor and abuse. He would like to be a doctor when he grows up . Ian Wachira
Born of a single mother who never cared about him; Arthur Ng’ang’a age 8 yrs old has never gone to school, he suffered poor health due to poor diet he is now safe at Jammi Homecare and in school, he is in good health. We thank God . Arthur Ng'ang'a
David Kamunya is 6yrs.He has never gone to school. His mother is mentally ill, making it very difficult for the young boy to survive. His grandmother is very old and cannot protect the boy from child abuse. He is safe and in school at Jammi homecare . David Kamunya
Monica Gichuhi is the 1st born in a family of three; she is a candidate this year. The girl has gone through hell with her irresponsible parents. Her parents are victims of HIV/AIDs. She is happy at Jammi home and peaceful . Monica Gichuhi
Joyce Wambui was born to a family that broke up. Her mother got depressed because she had no source of income. Her grandmother's family also broke up living them very vulnerable, Joyce is six years . Joyce Wambui
Eunice Wanjiru is 3yrs old. Her mother really wanted to terminate the pregnancy, when she was denied she gave birth to this beautiful angel and abandoned. No one knows her whereabouts. She has found a home where she is now happy and loved . Eunice Wanjiru
Shalom Murigi is 10yrs and in class 3.His mother died when he was about 3yrs and his dad remarried this woman, who mistreated the poor boy. Well wishers fed him, he maintains several bruises on the head and legs, and he is now in safe hands of Jammi family where he is living happily. Shalom Murigi
Teresia Wambui is an orphan girl who lived with her abusive step mother. Her dear mum passed on when she was two yrs old. She is 8yrs old and in class 2. . Teresia Wambui
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